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Press Briefings

Regular Briefing by Spokesperson Baik Tae Hyun


Date: Monday, November 27, 2017
Time: 10:30-10:35 A.M.

1. Minister's Schedules

Minister Cho Myoung Gyon will attend the plenary session of the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs & Unification Committee today(11.27) at 2 P.M.

On Tuesday(11.28), Minister Cho will attend the cabinet meeting at 10 A.M. followed by a press briefing for foreign correspondents at 4 P.M.

On Wednesday(11.29), Minister Cho will attend the opening ceremony for a special exhibition displaying records of separated families at 11 A.M., followed by the opening ceremony of the National Memorial for Korean War Abductees at 2 P.M.

On Thursday(11.30), Minister Cho will deliver a special lecture at a forum held by Seoul Economic Daily at 7 A.M. Minister Cho will also deliver congratulatory remarks at a panel discussion held by Yeoncheon County at 2 P.M.

On Friday(12.1), Minister Cho will deliver congratulatory remarks at an academic seminar held by the Catholic Institute of Northeast Asia Peace at 10 A.M. At 2 P.M., Minister Cho will attend the plenary session of the National Assembly.

2. Vice Minister's Schedules

Vice Minister Chun Haesung is visiting the United States from 11.26-12.1.

Vice Minister Chun will discuss methods to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue and settle peace on the Korean Peninsula with U.S. government officials and expert groups.

Vice Minister Chun will also explain the R.O.K. government’s unification and North Korea policies to overseas Korean residents and exchange thoughts on issues surrounding the Korean Peninsula.