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Press Briefings

Regular Briefing by Spokesperson Baik Tae Hyun


Date: Monday, February 5, 2018
Time: 10:30-11:00 A.M.

1. Regarding North Korea’s dispatch of high-level delegation

 □ North Korea notified that it will send a high-level delegation with Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly, as the chief delegate through a document under the name of North Korea’s chief delegate for the inter-Korean high-level talks yesterday(2.5) at around 10:50 P.M. The delegation composed of three members, as well as 18 support staff will visit from Feb. 9 to 11.

   o The R.O.K. Government welcomes the high-level delegation’s visit to the South, and will ensure necessary convenience and guarantee safety during their stay.

 □ The R.O.K. Government will not only prepare for the high-level delegation’s attendance to the opening ceremony, games, and events of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, but also arrange inter-Korean dialogue between high-level delegates.

   o Further practical details, including the high-level delegation’s itinerary, will be discussed in the form of document exchange through the Panmunjeom communications channel.

 □ The R.O.K. Government hopes that the visit by North Korea’s high-level delegation will be an important occasion for successfully hosting the PyeongChang Winter Olympics as a ‘Peace Olympic,’ restoring inter-Korean relations and settling peace on the Korean Peninsula.

2. North Korea notifies plan to use Mangyongbong-92 for performing squad visit

 □ North Korea notified through a document(2.4) that the performing squad will come to the South on the passenger ferry Mangyongbong-92, and use this as accommodation.

   o It added that the preliminary inspection team of 23 members visiting on Feb. 5 will be coming through the land route of the Gyeongui Line as planned.

 □ The South is in negotiation with North Korea on specific matters such as the port that the North will use, while discussing with authorities concerned. 

3. R.O.K. Government’s decision to expand public participation to the Samjiyon Orchestra performance

 □ To provide an opportunity for the general public to watch the Samjiyon Orchestra’s performance, the R.O.K. Government announced(2.1) that a total of 1,060 people(560 for the Gangneung performance, 500 for the Seoul performance) will be selected through an online random draw method.

   o The general public showed high interest in the event, with more than 150,000 registrations.

 □ The R.O.K. Government, considering the high level interest of the general public, has decided to reduce the number of government-invitees and increase public participation.

   o For the Seoul performance, 1000 seats will be open for the general public. Among the 477 government-invitees, many general public personnel such as separated families are included.

   o For the Gangneung performance, 560 seat are allocated for the general public, and the 252 government-invitees are mostly composed of people that have contributed to the local community.

 □ For a clear and fair raffle, the drawing will take place under the presence of relevant authorities including the police today(2.5) at 4 P.M. The list of selected persons will be posted tomorrow(2.6) morning on the Interpark Ticket website, and a text message will also be sent to the registered contact number.