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통일부 로고통일부 로고

Press Briefings

Regular Briefing by Spokesperson Yoh Sangkey


Date: Monday, February 3, 2019
Time: 10:30-10:35 A.M.

1. Minister's Schedules

Minister Kim Yeon Chul will attend the cabinet meeting tomorrow(Feb. 4) at 10 A.M.

On Sunday(Feb. 9), Minister Kim will deliver congratulatory remarks at the "PyeongChang Peace Forum 2020" at 1 P.M.

2. Vice Minister's Schedules

Vice Minister Suh Ho will attend a peace concert organized by Gyeonggi Province, Korean Sharing Movement, and News1 on Wednesday(Feb. 5) at 8 P.M.

On Thursday(Feb. 6), Vice Minister Suh will attend the vice-ministers’ conference at 10:30 A.M.

3. Q&A (Partial)

Q. The North’s Health Ministry official said in an interview that there has been no confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in North Korea. Is the ROK government aware of any developments in the North? Also, has the issue of public health and medical care cooperation between the two Koreas been raised?

A. As the North’s minister of Public Health announced yesterday, there are no confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the DPRK. Noting that the announcement was made by the North Korean authorities, we will keep a close eye on the situation.

   Also, the government fundamentally acknowledges the need for inter-Korean quarantine cooperation. However, it will consider the possibility of such cooperation at a later time, while watching how situations both in South and North Korea develop.

Q. Did the direct communications line between Seoul and Pyeongyang operate as usual today?

A. Yes, the direct telecommunications line is operating at 9 A.M. and 5 P.M., as agreed by the two Koreas.