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통일부 로고통일부 로고

Press Briefings

Regular Briefing by Spokesperson Lee Jong Joo


Date: Monday, September 13, 2021
Time: 10:30-10:36 A.M.

1. Weekly Schedule

Minister Lee In-young will attend the National Assembly’s interpellation session for the political sector as well as for the foreign affairs, unification and security sectors in the next two days.

From September 15, the Ministry will be holding an online exhibit of the 2021 DMZ Art & Peace Platform. In efforts to implement inter-Korean agreements which seeks to transform the demilitarized zone into a peace zone, the Ministry has been promoting a project envisioning the DMZ as a cultural and artistic space based on peace. As part of this project, the Ministry will be holding an opening exhibit presenting works of domestic and foreign artists and displaying pieces that are installed in border area facilities including the South-North transit office and Jejin station.

On September 16, Minister Lee will attend a video reunion demonstration event for separated families at the Seoul office of the Korean Red Cross. The Ministry, implementing the inter-Korean agreement to prioritize video reunions of separated families and making sure reunions can be held safely even under a global pandemic such as Covid-19, expanded the number of video reunion centers from 13 to 20 this August. Through the demonstration, Minister Lee will have the opportunity to check the new facilities and talk directly to separated families living in Uijeongbu, Hongseong, and Jeonju while sending words of condolences on the occasion of Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day).

The Ministry together with Gangwon Province and Cheorwon County will be holding preliminary rounds of the Ministry’s annual music festival on September 16. Contenders of this music festival will compete for the winning trophy by performing original music of various genres under the theme of peace and unification. This year, a total of 115 teams applied for participation, and 12 teams will be selected to advance to the finals on the 16th.. Both preliminaries and finals will be aired through the Unification Ministry’s YouTube channel.

On September 17, Minister Lee will commemorate the ‘Pyeongyang Joint Declaration of September 2018’ with members of the special delegation that visited the North three years ago. Minister Lee and participating delegates will reflect on the meaning of the joint declaration and share views on restoring inter-Korean relations.

2. Q&A

Q. What is the Unification Ministry’s analysis of and position on North Korea test firing a new long-range cruise missile?

A. The Ministry of National Defense (MND) said that a detailed analysis is under way in close cooperation between ROK-U.S. intelligence authorities. The Ministry of Unification will work with related agencies including the MND to analyze and keep a watch out for developments in the North.

Q. Will Unification Minister Lee In-young meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during his trip to Seoul? If so, what issues will be discussed?

A. The Minister does not have plans to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during his visit this time.