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Minister Yu gives a policy lecture to CEO members of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry


On May 31, Minister Yu Woo-ik delivered a policy lecture under the title of "Unification Policy of the Pragmatic Government" at the breakfast meeting hosted by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).

장관,‘대한상공회의소 주최 조찬 강연회’강연

In his lecture, the Minster stated that now is the time to change and derive at decisions, and called for North Korea to make the right choice in advancing towards the tide of openness and to carry out sensible response to changing times. 


Moreover, Minister Yu recounted that during his visit to Germany, former President Richard von Weizsacker stated that "unprepared unification is chaos, but prepared unification is a blessing," and accordingly introduced the substantial preparatory efforts made by the ROK government for unification. He also called for KCCI CEOs to take active part when the "unification jar (unification fund)" is created.


Also attending were around 300 KCCI CEO members including the KCCI Chairman Kyung-shik Sohn, Chairman Seo Min-seok of Dong-il Corporation, Chairman Shin Bak-jae of NXP Semiconductors, and Vice Chairman Kim Yun of Daelim Industrial Co.


The KCCI is comprised of a total of 120,000 members and 72 local Chambers nationwide including the Seoul Chamber of Commerce and Industry.