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North Korean Athlete Delegation for the PyeongChang Winter Paralympics Visits South Korea


The Paralympic athlete delegation from North Korea, comprised of 24 athletes, visited the South by way of the Gyeongui Line overland route at around 8:50am on Wednesday, March 7th.

After undergoing entrance procedures at the Inter-Korea Transit Office, the delegation began its trip to Pyeongchang via bus at around 9:30am.

The paralympic athletes are the North’s first-ever delegation to participate in the games, and are scheduled to return home by Thursday next week, March 15th.

This year’s PyeongChang Paralympic Games has everyone anticipating wonderful displays of athleticism amidst the heated competition by all athletes involved.

평창 동계패럴림픽 참가 북한 선수단 방남

평창 동계패럴림픽 참가 북한 선수단 방남