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News and Announcements

Opening Ceremony for the 7th Children's Press Corps of the Ministry of Unification


On April 6, the Institute for Unification Education held an opening ceremony for tomorrow’s protagonists of peaceful unification, the 7th Children's Press Corps, under the theme, “Planting the seeds of peace.” There were approximately 300 people in attendance, comprised of 250 children from the Ministry of Unification’s Children's Press Corps and their parents.

The Children's Press Corps made seed balls symbolizing ‘seeds of peace’ while enjoying the opportunity to have an open and honest conversation with the Unification Minister to discuss the significance of peace and unification.

The Institute for Unification Education has been operating the "Children's Press Corps" since 2012, providing the opportunity to ponder over the issue of unification from a child’s point of view with this year welcoming its 7th generation of reporters. On this occasion, we would like to ask for your continuous support and interest in our young reporters who are scheduled to partake in various activities including the composition of articles regarding peace and unification on the peninsula.

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