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Unification Minister Cho’s interview with SBS Eight O’clock News


Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon expounded on the outcome of the 2018 inter-Korean summit and the follow-up measures in an interview with SBS Eight O’clock News on May 1.

SBS  8시뉴스, 2018 남북정상회담의 성과와 후속조치 추진방향

Anchor: We are bringing you live updates on the Korean Peninsula issues.
Now, we are joined by Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon, who participated in the inter-Korean summit as a member of the official entourage. He will tell us how the government intends to follow up the Panmunjeom Declaration and relate some stories from behind the scenes at the summit.

Q. Did North Korea refuse to establish liaison offices in Seoul and Pyeongyang?
Minister: No, it didn’t. The North’s position was that the offices should be phased in depending on the progress in inter-Korean relations. Indeed, North Korea agreed, in principle, that liaison offices should be established in Seoul and Pyeongyang.

Q. Is it highly likely that a joint liaison office will be installed in the Gaeseong Industrial Complex (GIC)?
Minister: I think we first need to discuss a specific location for the office with the North, though the GIC is certainly one of the most promising possibilities because it has necessary facilities and is easy to access.

Q. Will the South send electric power to the North again once the liaison office is installed?
Minister: Before we make any decision on that, I think we have to discuss such specific issues with the North. The sanctions on the North involve electric power transmission and may also be at issue with regard to resumption of the GIC. The possibility of establishing a joint liaison office in Gaeseong is separate from the resumption of the GIC.

Q. Did you experience any difficulties in the days leading up to the summit?
Minister: We had some issues for the heads of state to discuss, and denuclearization remained the most pressing of them all. Thankfully, the discussion between the two leaders went well and was wrapped up at the