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Renovation workers visit Mt. Geumgang to prepare for reunions of separated families


Repairs and renovation of the Mt. Geumgang resort began on July 9 in preparation for the reunions of separated families to be held on August 20-26.
Renovation workers arrived in the North in the morning on July 9.

Renovation work will be done on all of the facilities for the reunions designated during inspections conducted on June 27-29, including a meeting room. The work will continue until August 15, when an advance team is scheduled to arrive.

The 22-member team led by the head of the Separated Families Division of the Ministry of Unification includes people from the Korean Red Cross and Hyundai Asan Corp. and technical workers from subcontractors. Depending on the progress in the renovation work, the technical workers will stay in the North or make visits back and forth across the border on a rotating basis.

The government will do everything it can in facility renovation and preparation work to ensure that the reunions of separated families are an event that the participants will always fondly remember.