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Unification Minister Cho meets with new US Ambassador to South Korea Harry Harris


Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon met with new US Ambassador to South Korea Harry Harris on July 23. The new ambassador was appointed on July 7, filling a position that had been vacant for one and a half years since the previous ambassador, Mark Lippert, left in January 2017.

Minister Cho said that “Although the process to address the North Korean nuclear issue through dialogue has begun, it is still at a very early stage and we have a long way to go and many problems to solve,” adding that “At this critical juncture, the ROK government thinks that cooperation with the US is more important than anything else.”

Ambassador Harris said that “The Korea-US alliance has brought us here to this point that we are at today, and I think it is important that we work together in synchronization,” adding that “Our continued synchronization will ensure the best outcome possible for the Korean Peninsula.”