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D-1 for the second round of reunions of separated families in 2018 – exerting best efforts to ensure safe, pleasant meetings


Typhoon Soulik has brought heavy rains and strong winds to the Korean Peninsula. The typhoon hit Jeju Island first and is forecast to affect Gangwon Province soon, giving rise to some concern over the safety of separated families.
The government is monitoring the typhoon in real time and is going ahead with full preparations for the reunions of separated families, ensuring that the meetings are safe and pleasant for all.

The government takes safety very seriously and has contacted members of separated families who are participating in the reunions to check where they are, inform them of the strong winds, and warn them to stay inside once they arrive
in Sokcho.

It is also working closely with the North regarding travel to Mt. Geumgang. The South and the North agreed to handle customs clearance on the bus to ensure that the elderly don’t need to get on and off, particularly those who have limited mobility. The needs of the elderly en route to Mt. Geumgang have been cited by numerous parties, and the handling of customs clearance is merely the first of many actions taken in this regard.

The government conducted safety training for government employees and support personnel from the Korean Red Cross who are accompanying the separated families at 13:00 in Sokcho. At a resort on Mt. Geumgang, government officials are closely inspecting the reunion facilities for safety against floods, falling objects blown by strong winds, and any problems with food.

The government will do its best to ensure that the participants come away with wonderful memories of their long-awaited meetings.

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