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South and North Korea hold talks for forestry cooperation


South and North Korea hold talks for forestry cooperation

Inter-Korean talks for forestry cooperation are underway at the inter-Korean liaison office in the Gaeseong Industrial Complex on October 22. This is the first inter-Korean meeting held in the liaison office since it opened on September 14.

The South’s representatives to the talks include Korea Forest Service Deputy Director Park Chong-ho, head of Forest Industry & Policy Bureau Lim Sang-sup, and Kim Hoon-ah from the Unification Ministry.

Before leaving for the meeting, Park Chong-ho, leader of the South Korean delegation, said, “The meeting is held to seek ways to facilitate practical collaboration in implementing the Pyeongyang Joint Declaration. Since this is the second meeting, we will do our best to achieve tangible and substantial results.” With regard to specific agenda of the talks, Park stated that the schedule for jointly combating pine tree pests and the regions for modernized tree nurseries would be discussed at the meeting.

우리측 대표로는 박종호 산림청 차장, 임상섭 산림청 산림산업정책국장, 김훈아 통일부 과장이 참여 사진