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Unification Minister Cho meets with the College Student Reporter Corps


Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon had a meeting with the 11th College Student Reporter Corps on November 26 to discuss the inter-Korean situation and answer questions from the reporters.

The meeting was held at a restaurant near the Government Complex Seoul. The Minister, who entered college in 1975, told the college reporters about his college life and career path decisions, and expounded on the rapidly changing situation on the Korean Peninsula, the situation in North Korea, the difficulties in pushing ahead with policy on North Korea as Minister of Unification, and the scenes behind inter-Korean exchange and cooperation including the Gaeseong Industrial Complex, aid to North Korea, and railway connection.

In a Q&A session, the college reporters were free to ask questions and present their opinions, and then Minister Cho gave answers. He talked about how a student majoring in North Korean Studies should choose a career, ways to contact North Korean residents for bottom-up unification, how Unification Ministry officials are best positioned to pursue unification, ways to overcome national division, anecdotes in face-to-face contact with North Korea, and the need to expand DMZ experience programs to raise public awareness of the very real potential for peaceful unification.

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