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Unification Minister Cho participates in the Gyeongmo ceremony at the Mangbaedan Memorial Altar in Imjingak


Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon participated in the Gyeongmo ceremony at the Mangbaedan Memorial Altar in Imjingak on February 5.

Minister Cho, in his words of encouragement, said “On the occasion of the Lunar New Year’s Day, many people might have expected to have seen substantial progress in resolving the issues of separated families. I am very sorry for failing to meet your expectations. As a member of a separated family myself, I assure you that I am indeed working very hard to make progress in resolving the issues, though the effort has admittedly been very challenging.”

The Unification Minister expressed great appreciation that family reunions resumed last year after a three-year hiatus and that the South and the North agreed to restore a permanent center for reunions, hold reunions by video conferencing, and exchange video messages. He added, “Whenever it has dialogue with the North, the government emphasizes the wishes of separated families. The government fully understands the importance and urgency of the separated family issues, so it is doing its best to ensure that the separated families can realize their long-cherished desire as soon as possible.”
The Unification Gyeongmo Association, a group of displaced people, holds a Gyeongmo ceremony on every Lunar New Year’s Day to pay respects to ancestors in the North.

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