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통일부 로고통일부 로고

News and Announcements

It has been a year since the Panmunjom Declaration was announced on that day of overwhelming emotions.


 I am grateful to you all for joining us in celebrating its first anniversary.

 We are entitled to live in peace.

 We have the potential to set our sights beyond the Korean Peninsula and reach out to the continent.

 We have grown wise enough not to be swayed by ideology.

 We know all too well that we can usher in a new future only when we connect and come together as one.

 The agreements in the Panmunjom Declaration are being implemented one by one.

 Both South and North Korea withdrew guard posts in the Demilitarized Zone and are working together to unearth the remains of soldiers killed during the Korean War.

 West Sea fishing grounds have been further opened up and made safe.

 South and North Korea remain in regular contact through the joint liaison office in Kaesong and have completed preparations to reconnect railroads and roads.

 This is a new path, and as we all must take it together, we need, sometimes, to wait for those moving slower to catch up.

 In the face of obstacles, sometimes, we need to catch our breath for a while and find the way together.

 This is a path toward peace on which we all – the South and the North – have set off together.

 A large river twists and turns but reaches the sea in the end.

 As years go by following the Panmunjom Declaration, we will encounter an irreversible peace on the Korean Peninsula in which everyone prospers together.

 Remembering those who fulfilled their calling in ways unseen, I ask the mountain birds on the footbridge how they are doing.

 I appreciate all the people who have opened the chapter of this historic Declaration.

 I also extend my greetings to Chairman Kim Jong Un and the people of North Korea.

 Thank you.