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From a symbol of division and confrontation to one of peace and harmony!


From a symbol of division and confrontation to one of peace and harmony!

< Resuming a tour to the Joint Security Area in Panmunjeom>

On May 1, the Ministry of Unification’s policy advisory committee and the College Students’ Press Corps visited Panmunjeom, a “symbol of peace,” which opened after seven months following the agreement on the demilitarization of the Joint Security Area (JSA). They visited the main spots of the inter-Korean summit meeting held on April 27, 2018, including the footbridge and the memorial pine tree planted by the two leaders of South and North Korea.
Security guards neither wore bombproof helmets nor carried handguns, making the visitors feel that the JSA had indeed become a place of peace.

The committee members and college reporters were overwhelmed with emotions on the footbridge where President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had private conversations. The college reporters were told inside the Military Armistice Commission conference room (T2) that “The military demarcation line passes through here, and if you are on the other side of the conference table, you are in North Korea.” They nearly in unison exclaimed “Wow” in surprise.

Panmunjeom, reborn as a place of peace!

Photos give you a vivid description of Panmunjeom.

도보다리 위에 서있는 사람들 판문각을 바라보는 사람들 두 여성이 양손을 잡고 기념촬영을 하는 모습 사람들이 사진을 촬영하고 있는 모습 판문점 내부에서 밖을 찍을 사진 판문점 내부에 있는 사람들 판문점 견학 단체 사진 판문각 정면 사진 도보다리 위를 걷고 있는 모습 사람들이 판문점으로 향하고 있는 사진 판문점 내부에서 창문 밖을 촬영하는 모습 도보다리 사진촬영하는 사람들