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50th Joint Gyeongmo Ceremony


50th Joint Gyeongmo Ceremony

On September 13, a joint Gyeongmo ceremony was held at the Mangbaedan Memorial Altar at Imjingak. Many separated family members participated in the ceremony to pay their respects to their ancestors in a venue closer to their hometowns. The ceremony was designed for separated family members to honor their ancestors in the North.

Unification Minister Kim Yeon Chul attended the ceremony and offered words of comfort to the separated family members who are not able to meet with their loved ones in the North. He said, “The government agreed to video reunions and an exchange of video messages for the convenience of aged separated family members and it has already established appropriate systems across the nation Now is the time for the South and the North to take … action to ease the extended suffering of the separated families.”

Minister Kim continued, “If inter-Korean relations are restored, the government will attempt to resolve issues related to separated families first and foremost…It will continue to discuss methods to confirm if relatives are still alive as well as promote an exchange of letters and visits to hometowns.”

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