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Peace The – Path We Walk Together


Peace The – Path We Walk Together

First anniversary ceremony of the Pyeongyang Joint Declaration

Do you remember the Pyeongyang Joint Declaration of September 19, 2018?

The ceremony was held to mark this significant declaration on September 19.

It was attended by some 100 people including key personnel involved in inter-Korean relations and officials involved in the implementation of the Pyeongyang Joint Declaration. The participants looked back on the significance and achievements of the Pyeongyang Joint Declaration while watching a video.

Unification Minister Kim Yeon Chul, in his speech, said, “Although there has been a deadlock between North Korea and the US, the embers of dialogue still burn,” adding, “The government will lead the efforts to achieve complete denuclearization and to establish permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula while implementing the Pyeongyang Joint Declaration.”

The Ministry of Unification will strive to implement the Pyeongyang Joint Declaration as soon as possible.