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Connecting the languages of South and North Korea


On November 26, the opening ceremony of the Gyeoremal-Keunsajeon Promotion Hall was held at the Seoul Citizens Hall. South and North Korea agreed to the joint compilation of Gyeoremal-Keunsajeon (Grand Dictionary of the National Language) 15 years ago, and the dictionary is now over 78 percent complete.

Unification Minister Kim Yeon Chul, in his congratulatory speech, said, “As inter-Korean relations resumed last year, the South and the North talked about holding the 26th joint meeting only to fail to make it happen” and emphasized, “The joint compilation work should be resumed as soon as possible.”

He continued, “I believe that the Korean people’s interest and determination are equally as important as the discussions of the South and North Korean authorities.” Minister Kim said that it is necessary to “send out the message far and wide of the need and meaning of Gyeoremal-Keunsajeon.”

The Gyeoremal-Keunsajeon Promotion Hall houses several sub-halls including Hae-sal-e (meaning history) Hall and Mal-mo-e (Korea’s first dictionary) Hall, which address the matter of connecting the languages of South and North Korea. At the Hall of “My First Pyeongyang Friend” using artificial intelligence, people can ask about the everyday lives of the North Korean people, and the AI friend answers in the North Korean dialect.