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Transforming the DMZ into a Peace Zone and Prosperity of the Korean Peninsula (DMZ Global Forum on Peace and Cooperation)


The DMZ Global Forum on Peace and Cooperation was held on November 28 at the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. The forum addressed “Transforming the DMZ into a Peace Zone and Prosperity of the Korean Peninsula.”

The forum was launched last year in order to build consensus on the transformation of the DMZ into a peace zone and explore ways to cooperate at home and abroad towards that end.

Unification Minister Kim Yeon Chul, in his opening remarks, mentioned that the DMZ, once an arena of confrontation, is being reborn as a “true peace zone.” He said, “Once the DMZ is turned into an international peace zone, the surrounding border areas will be reborn as a center of inter-Korean exchange and cooperation and the peace economy on the Korean Peninsula. The peace and prosperity that would begin in the border areas would eventually benefit all the people, not only on the Korean Peninsula but in neighboring countries.”

The Ministry of Unification will hold the DMZ Global Forum on Peace and Cooperation on a regular basis and continue to find ways to cooperate with the international community in order to enhance understanding of the DMZ at home and abroad and transform the DMZ into an international peace zone.

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