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Invitational panel discussion hosted by the Kwanhun Club


On December 2, Unification Minister Kim Yeon Chul participated in an invitational panel discussion hosted by the Kwanhun Club at the Korea Press Center and discussed ways toward establishment of peace on the Korean Peninsula and development of inter-Korean relations.

Minister Kim, in his keynote speech, said, “The Korean Peninsula is at a more critical juncture than ever….The ROK government will do everything it can to create conditions for dialogue between North Korea and the US and to ensure that the dialogue will eventually be a success.”

Regarding tourism to Mount Geumgang, he said, “The government will do its best to solve the problem while communicating closely with business people engaged in tourism to Mount Geumgang….The government will actively identify and expand areas of cooperation between the two Koreas besides the Mount Geumgang tourism project.”

The Unification Minister emphasized, “The government’s policy on North Korea aims to address the matters of the Korean Peninsula, not to distinguish between right and wrong,” adding, “The government is determined to develop inter-Korean relations and will break through the current situation by applying creative solutions.”

The Kwanhun Club was established by senior journalists to encourage freedom of the press and promote friendship.

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