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News and Announcements

Gyeongnam Unification Hall reopens as a unification education center


On December 18, the Gyeongnam Unification Hall was reborn under the banner “Unification, It’s Spring Again.” The unification hall first opened in 1998, and it will now serve as a unification education center where local residents and students can mingle and participate in unification activities.

Unification Minister Kim Yeon Chul, in his congratulatory speech, emphasized, “The government pursues ‘North Korea policy based on public consensus,’ and expanding consensus and reaching agreement on government policy on North Korea are necessary to ensure sustainable development of inter-Korean relations and to realize peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula. In this sense, the regional unification halls have an important role to play.”

Minister Kim also said, “If local governments including Changwon City and Gyeongnam (South Gyeongsang Province) leverage their comparative advantages to handle matters that the central government is less well suited to handle, inter-Korean exchange and cooperation will develop even further and more rapidly.”

The Ministry of Unification will continue to work together with local governments and schools to ensure that the unification halls can serve as unification education centers where the people can envision the future of a unified Korea.

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