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News and Announcements

Think of Peace Again[Winter Academic Conference by the Korean Association of North Korean Studies]


On December 20, the Korean Association of North Korean Studies held the Winter Academic Conference at the University of North Korean Studies. The conference addressed the “Korean Peninsula at a Crossroads of Crisis and Opportunity: Think of Peace Again.” Experts representing all quarters of society gathered to discuss the current situation on the Korean Peninsula.


Unification Minister Kim Yeon Chul, in his congratulatory speech, said, “It was never an easy year for either inter-Korean relations or North Korea-US relations….The situation in 2020 will be very fluid and uncertain.” He emphasized, “Although the situation is not good, believing that the future of peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula will be realized, the government is determined to move forward toward that end.”


Minister Kim added, “I ask you to light the way forward for the government by conducting in-depth research and analysis and offering creative policy proposals.”