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Unification Minister Kim meets with Gyeonggi Vice Governor for Peace Lee Hwa-young


On January 10, Unification Minister Kim Yeon Chul met with Gyeonggi Vice Governor for Peace Lee Hwa-young at the Government Complex Seoul. The meeting was also attended by Kang Myeong-ja, who was displaced from her hometown Gaeseong; Lee Jong-cheol, representative of the Gyeonggi headquarters of the Committee for the Implementation of the June 15 Joint Declaration; and Jeong Gi-seop, chairman of the Corporate Association of Gaeseong Industrial Complex.

While delivering the Unification Minister applications for tours to Gaeseong, Vice Governor Lee requested that the government push for tourism to Gaeseong more actively. He also asked the government to support ongoing inter-Korean exchange projects by the Gyeonggi provincial government, including visits to historical and cultural sites in Gaeseong and modernization of tree nurseries in Gaepung.

Minister Kim stated that the government will explore ways to cooperate on tourism with the North while taking into comprehensive consideration the changed conditions and environment. He answered that the government will actively support a variety of cooperation projects being pushed by the Gyeonggi Province since the agreement with the Governors Association of Korea signed in July last year specified that local governments are the main agents of inter-Korean exchange and cooperation.

The Ministry of Unification will actively render support so that the government, local governments, and the private sector can produce greater change while closely working together in their own spaces. 

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