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Unification Minister Kim participates in the 36th Gyeongmo ceremony


There are actually people out there who cannot meet their family members, even on Lunar New Year’s Day, the most important national holiday in Korea.

On January 25, the 36th Gyeongmo ceremony was held at Mangbaedan Memorial Altar at Imjingak to give them solace.

Unification Minister Kim Yeon Chul, in the joint ancestral rite, said, “It has been 75 years since South and North Korea were divided right after national liberation. Now is the time to heal the pain of national division.”

Minister Kim stated that the government will make tangible progress by adopting a “new way of thinking” instead of a “cliched view”; the “power of optimism” instead of a “pessimistic perception”; and a “comprehensive approach” instead of “piecemeal measures.”

He continued, “It (the government) will try all possible ways to confirm whether relatives are still alive and to bring about reunions, including face-to-face reunions, video reunions, exchange of video messages, and reunions on demand by the members of separated families through the restoration and opening of a permanent reunion center.”

The Minister said, “The government is considering a way to defray the expenses so that they can visit places in North Korea near their hometowns.”

The government will do its best to ensure reunions of separated families as soon as possible.

김연철 통일부 장관, 제36회 망향경모제 참석 김연철 통일부 장관, 제36회 망향경모제 참석 김연철 통일부 장관, 제36회 망향경모제 참석 김연철 통일부 장관, 제36회 망향경모제 참석 김연철 통일부 장관, 제36회 망향경모제 참석