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Cultural Center for Inter-Korean Integration opens online


On May 13, the Cultural Center for Inter-Korean Integration opened online.

The Ministry of Unification now offers a variety of video contents through the cultural center’s website (

Starting at 12 p.m. on May 13, the website has presented an introduction to the cultural center, congratulatory messages from key figures including the Unification Minister, celebratory performances by singers including Lim Hyung-joo and Seol Woon-do, and an experiential video of the Planning Exhibition Hall. Visitors can also watch a lecture called “South and North Korean Traditional Cuisine,” participate in an open forum for inter-Korean peace through Zoom, and apply to borrow books and browse through books on the homepage of the library for peaceful unification at the cultural center.

The cultural center will also carry out volunteer work in response to the coronavirus while complying with the guidelines for social distancing and run small pilot programs offline including “Life Sharing Dialogue Between South and North Koreans.”

The Ministry of Unification will strive to ensure that the Cultural Center for Inter-Korean Integration establishes itself as a space for communication and amicable ties between South and North Koreans.

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