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Unification Minister Lee participates in a debate on resuming inter-Korean exchange


On August 14, Unification Minister Lee In-young participated in a debate on resuming inter-Korean exchange at the National Assembly Members’ Office Building.

Minister Lee, in his speech, stated, “Merely waiting for change and leaving our situation to fate will never be nearly enough to usher in a bright new future for the Korean people,” adding “Individual tourism to North Korea is not only a new ‘space for cooperation’ to break the current impasse but also a ‘creative solution’ to the issue of tourism to Mount Geumgang.”

He emphasized, “If the people can travel back and forth between the divided Koreas, the Korean Peninsula will be full of energy, which itself will send the world a message of peace on the Korean Peninsula,” stating further, “While exploring all feasible possibilities, the government will steadily prepare for all the matters to ensure the Korean people’s safe travel to North Korea.”

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