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Unification Minister Lee participates in a forum on peace and unification marking the 75th anniversary of National Liberation Day



On August 21, Unification Minister Lee In-young participated in a forum on peace and unification marking the 75th anniversary of National Liberation Day, which was co-hosted by the National Unification Advisory Council and the Korea Institute for National Unification.
Unification Minister Lee meets with Chinese Ambassador to the ROK Xing Haiming

On August 19, Unification Minister Lee In-young met with Chinese Ambassador to the ROK Xing Haiming, who made a courtesy visit to the new minister.

Minister Lee stated that the principles of denuclearization, peace and stability, and problem-solving through dialogue and negotiations on the Korean Peninsula, to which the Chinese government has stuck, are in line with the ROK government’s peace process on the Korean Peninsula. He went on to ask the Chinese government to participate in the effort to realize permanent peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

The Unification Minister emphasized that although the deadlock between the two Koreas has become prolonged, dialogue must continue under any circumstances, adding that the ROK government is working to resume inter-Korean dialogue.

Minister Lee expounded his vision to develop inter-Korean relations into a ‘community of peace, economy, and life’ through humanitarian cooperation, small-scale trading, and implementing the inter-Korean agreements and asked China to render support and cooperation therefor.

Ambassador Xing Haiming assessed Minister Lee’s vision on inter-Korean relations, which Mr. Lee declared after taking office, and said that the Chinese government unwaveringly supports inter-Korean dialogue, denuclearization, and establishment of peace on the Korean Peninsula, and ultimately unification of the two Koreas.

The Chinese Ambassador added that China is close to the Korean Peninsula geographically and emotionally and that Beijing will, therefore, continue to do all it can for improvement of inter-Korean relations.

Minister Lee, in his congratulatory speech, sated, “The South and the North are a community of life and a community of destiny that shares the single body of the Korean Peninsula,” adding, “No task is more important and pressing than establishing a common vision and working together to protect the lives of the people of the two Koreas.”

He went on to say, “The government will work on specific plans for inter-Korean cooperation. It will begin with food and medical aid and reunions of separated families, and expand cross-border cooperation to such areas as health care, prevention of infectious diseases, and climate change, all of which directly impact our lives and were agreed between the two Koreas.”

The Unification Minister said, “The government will go beyond the piecemeal and separate approaches that we have taken so far to build a comprehensive and rational framework for inter-Korean cooperation. By doing so, it will make changes that the North can trust, the Korean people can relate to, and the international community can agree with.”

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