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News and Announcements

Unification Minister Lee meets with Shin Hee-young, president of the Korean Red Cross


On September 2, Unification Minister Lee In-young visited the Korean Red Cross (KRC). While looking around the facilities for video reunions, he discussed the issues of separated families with KRC President Shin Hee-young.

Minister Lee stated, “Video reunions may be our only option in the ‘non-contact’ era, amid the on-going spread of the coronavirus. I hope that reunions of separated families can begin as video reunions on the occasion of the Chuseok holidays. I particularly feel sorry for those seniors aged 90 or over in light of how desperate they are.”

The Unification Minister said, “If the KRC primed the pump for cross-border cooperation in healthcare and prevention of infectious diseases in the move toward a community of life and a community of health, the government will gladly join together and support its efforts,” and asked the KRC to “convey the government’s sincerity to the North if it has any opportunity to greet and communicate with the DPRK Red Cross Society.”

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