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News and Announcements

Unification Minister Lee participates in the opening ceremony for the Korea Global Forum for Peace 2020


The Korea Global Forum for Peace (KGFP) 2020 is held online from September 7 through 9. The multilateral international conference addresses peace and unification on the Korean Peninsula.

Minister Lee, in his opening remarks, stated, “As the past 70 years of inter-Korean history shows, merely waiting for change and leaving our situation to fate will never be nearly enough to usher in a bright new future for the Korean people.” He added, “We need to move forward like an icebreaker that opens a route by breaking thick ice, instead of a ship navigating the open sea.

The Unification Minister continued, “The government will resume humanitarian cooperation and exchange and cooperation through ‘small projects,’ engage in inter-Korean dialogue again, and implement the agreements one by one.” He emphasized, “The government will focus on what the two Koreas can do now, thus creating change and then based on restored trust, open a bigger door to dialogue and negotiations.”

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이인영 통일부장관, 2020 한반도국제평화포럼(KGFP) 개회식 참석 이미지