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Unification Minister Lee meets with Gangwon Governor Choi Moon-soon



On September 4, Unification Minister Lee In-young met with Governor Choi Moon-soon of Gangwon Province, discussed outstanding inter-Korean projects, and asked him for cooperation.

Regarding the Winter Youth Olympic Games slated to be held in Gangwon Province in 2024, Minister Lee stated, “I hope that Gangwon Province will realize a peace Olympics through the Winter Youth Olympics, thus making a miracle of Pyeongchang again.”

The Unification Minister continued, “I hope that the Donghae Bukbu Line will open the door of time through which we can freely visit Mount Geumgang. I also expect that such free travel will bring development to Gangwon Province and new vitality to the border regions.”

Regarding the DMZ Peace Trails, Minister Lee asked for Gangwon Province’s cooperation, saying, “The Ministry of Unification plans to carry out follow-up projects for the Peace Trails next year. We envision walking campaigns in which any of the people can join.”

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