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A policy briefing to be held to gather the public opinion on “How to prepare for unification”


  Press Reference (October 15, 2010)

A policy briefing to be held to gather the public opinion on How to prepare for unification
The Unification Ministry is going to have an interactive policy briefing with civic group leaders this afternoon at the Special Office for Inter-Korean Dialogue in Seoul. The meeting aims to discuss how to finance unification and listen to various voices on this issue.
l        It will have 70 people from 67 organizations including Yu Se-hui, the head of the Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights.
The government s policy to make unification financing a national issue will be explained first, and then a Q&A session will be given.
l        Uhm Jong-sik, Vice Minister of Unification, will talk about what are desirable ways to achieve unification, how unification will benefit us and what the government plans to promote a national discussion on how to pay for unification.
l        He will also emphasize that all Korean people should be part of the discussion so that social consensus can be built.
To this end, the Ministry of Unification will continue to have these kind of policy briefings and dialogues with civic and private organizations.
Ministry of Unification