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The Unification Ministry’s online spokesperson appointed to boost public relations via new social media


 Press Release (October 15, 2010)


The Unification Ministry s online spokesperson appointed to boost public relations via new social media



The Unification Ministry designated the online spokesperson on Friday, October 15 in order to strengthen interaction with the public and quicken information delivery.


Lee Seong-shin, Director of the Public Relations Division, will be the first to take that position.


l        The position will be in charge of running the Ministry s new social media like Twitter, me2Day, Facebook, blogs and mobile webpages in more systemic ways. It will also be responsible for direct and trust-based communication with netizens.


-   Our public communications with the new media have been more active with 1 million blog visitors, 4,000 Facebook fans, 2,000 Twitter followers, and 2,000 me2Day friends.


Taking full advantage of features of new media, our press releases will be delivered in more diverse forms and methods.


l        To date they have been distributed only offline, but from now they will also be provided by tweets with less than 100 characters.


l        The Ministry s major events will be broadcast live online, recreated as multimedia contents and shared with the public so that people can have more access to and more understand us. This is a way we will get closer to the public.


Given the fact that the number of smartphone users is on the rise, the Ministry will develop and distribute easily-usable smartphone applications such as North Korea Index to promote our policies.


l        The Ministry s mobile webpage which will be available from the end of October will allow smartphone users to have more access to us. In doing so, we will make people understand our position and get feedbacks from them.  


Link buttons will be placed on the Ministry s online webpage late October, connecting it to Facebook, Twitter and other social media. We hope that building a comprehensive channel in this way will create a synergy effect.


The Ministry opened a Twitter account at on June 30. As of October 14, 2,282 people have followed it.


The Ministry opened a Facebook account at on July 27. As of October 14, 4,335 people have become our Facebook fans.




Ministry of Unification