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A job fair for North Korean refugees to be held


Press Release (October 26)


A job fair for North Korean refugees to be held



The Ministry of Unification and a foundation supporting North Korean refugees are going to hold a job fair tomorrow at KBS 88 Gym.


l       The event has been co-organized by government agencies including the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, the Small & Medium Administration and private organizations including Merry Year Foundation.


Thirty eight companies and around 400 job seekers will join the event.


l       Among those companies, some were carefully selected after consideration of their recruitment history, wage level, provision of 4 public insurances and transportation. And several social companies established by former North Korean defectors were included.


l       In October alone this kind of job fair will be hosted 20 times to promote the event and give job opportunities to North Korean refugees.


l       There will also be a couple of booths set up where North Korean refugees can learn about the Government s job support policy and get career counseling and coaching. Some civic groups helping North Korean refugees will provide snacks and exciting performances.


We hope that the event will allow us to achieve our goal of creating 2,000 jobs for North Korean refugees.


l       We will make sure that people who get a job at the fair can continue to work and those who are not recruited there can find a job with our support after the fair.


With around 20,000 North Korean refugees living in South Korea, the Government will boost job creation efforts for them so that they can make productive contributions after landing a job in our society.




Ministry of Unification