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Press Releases

MOU announces a Call for Research Proposals

The Ministry of Unification announces a call for research proposals for its research grants competition. We are inviting research proposals from a diverse pool of scholars and professionals both at home and abroad. The proposed research should seek to address unification policy-relevant issues and should contribute to South Korean policymakers’ goals and aspirations towards a peaceful unification.  
The Ministry will first select thirty proposals as potential research projects. Subsequently, the Public Procurement Service (or other government agencies) will hold an additional selection process to determine the final ten to fifteen proposals. The finally selected proposals will receive grants and will serve as foundation for the MOU Research Project: “Challenges and Prospects for the Future of the Korean Peninsula.”
This year’s MOU research budget is set at 7 billion won (approx. 6.5 million USD) and each research project will receive about 400 million won (approx. 370,000 USD), but the amount of grants can range from 50 million won (approx 47,000 USD) to 600 million won (approx. 550,000 USD) depending on the scale of research.
The deadline for receipt of application is September 28, 2011.
For more information, please see the Application Guidelines posted on the MOU News & Announcement page.
The Ministry of Unification