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Press Releases

MOU to Approve Loans from South-North Cooperation Fund


      The 243rd Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Promotion Committee Meeting reviewed and approved the four following agenda. 18 members of the committee including Unification Minister and Unification Vice Minster examined the agenda from November 23rd to December 2nd.


1. Creation of Parking Space for Commuter Buses Entering Gaesong Industrial Complex and Establishment of Vehicle Inspection Center.


       - The South Korean government endorsed 2.4 billion won loan from South-North Cooperation Fund to give financial support for the project led by Gaesong Industrial Zone Support Foundation. The loan will be used to purchase land needed to expand the parking space for GIC commuter buses and to build vehicle inspection center.


2. Establishment of Emergency Medical Facilities in Gaesong Industrial Complex.


       - The South Korean government approved loan of 2.7 billion won from South-North Cooperation fund to provide proper medical care to our workers at GIC.


 3. Provision of Financial Aid the 2nd Year of the Laying the Foundation for Inter-Korean Community Project


- South Korea decided to provide 6.9 billion won aid to the 2-year project laying out foundation for inter-Korean community its aid for the first year of the project.


 4. Aid to Infants and Children in North Korea Through UNICEF


          -  The South endorsed to provide 6.5 billion won worth of aid to send vaccines, medical supplies, and nutritional food for the vulnerable class in the North including infants and children. The humanitarian assistance will be delivered via UNICEF.


Ministry of Unification