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Press Releases

Spokesperson's Remarks on North Korea's Missile Launch Plan

 Remarks by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Unification
     The Korean government, in unison with the global community, has continuously persuaded and urged North Korea to give up its missile launch plan. However, North Korea appears to be ignoring the message and is showing signs to move forward with its plan.
     It is regrettable that North Korea, through such provocative action, is forcing sacrifice on the North Korean people and courting further isolation and sanctions from the international society.
We strongly urge North Korea to live up to the demands of the international community and stop its missile launch plan, thereby choosing a path towards saving its people’s lives.
If the North launches its long-range missile, our government, in close coordination with the global community, will take such provocative action seriously and respond with appropriate counter-measures.
The Korean government is putting our utmost effort in preparing for all possible situations. We ask our fellow Koreans to carry on with their daily lives as usual and remain calm.
April 10, 2012
Spokesperson of the Ministry of Unification