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Press Releases

Foreign Affairs, Trade & Unification Committee Report

I.                     North Korea’s Long-range Missile Launch
1.     Overview
  • North Korea launched a long-range missile from the launch pad located at Dongchang-ri, Cheolsan-gun, North Pyongan Province at 07:39 a.m., April 13 but it was confirmed to have failed.
- North Korea also admitted that the long-range missile failed to enter the earth's atmosphere.
* “Kwangmyongsong-3 failed to enter its preset orbit. Scientists and technicians are looking into the cause of the failure."(April 13, 12:03, Korean Central News Agency)
  •  At 9 a.m., April 13, the President convened the ministers of Foreign Affairs and National Security for a meeting and announced the government statement.
*Clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1874
*Provocative action threatening the peace and security of the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia
*Massive amount of resources poured into developing nuclear and missile capability, instead of tackling its desperate poverty and people’s livelihood
*Korea to draw up measures through coordination with related nations and the international community
  •  The Ministry of Unification is operating a contingency response team under an emergency working system.
-         The Ministry has been operating a 24-hour emergency contact and contingency response system with Gaeseong Industrial Complex.
-         The Ministry has convened high level officials for a contingency meeting and has reviewed counter-measures immediately after the North's long-range missile launch on April 13.
  • The Ministry is continuously checking the safety of South Koreans in North Korea including those in the Gaeseong Industrial Complex.
-         780 South Koreans in North Korea as of 14:00, today.
2.     Analysis and Future Counter-measures
  • North Korea's missile launch is a crucial provocative action as well as a serious security threat toward South Korea and the international community. The North must be held accountable.
-         In defiance of the Korean government and the international community’s consistent demand to exert more effort in enhancing the livelihood of its people, North Korea went ahead with the launch sacrificing the well-being of its people.
  • Our government will coordinate future measures in close cooperation with the related nations.
-         We have to send a clear message that wrong behaviors will be met with consequences.
  • Measures regarding inter-Korean relations will be reviewed in a comprehensive manner, taking into account the stance announced by the UN Security Council and the public opinion.
-         Given the intensity of the situation, the government will thoroughly prepare for the North's additional provocations.
-         The government will respond with flexibility, maintaining a consistent North Korea policy.
II.                 The 4th Meeting of Worker’s Party Representatives
  • North Korea convened the 4th meeting of party representatives and named Kim Jong-il as the 'Eternal General Secretary' and Kim Jong-un as the party's 'First Secretary' and 'Central Military Commissioner'
-         Moreover, the preface of the party regulation was amended, stating 'Ideology of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il' as the regime's sole ruling ideology; newly stipulated the phrase 'to achieve the Juche revolution under the leadership of Kim Jong-un.'
-         In particular, it was prescribed in the party regulation that the roles of the newly established 'First Secretary' is to function as 'the head of the party', 'representative of the party', 'great leader of all parties', succeeding all authorities and powers of the conventional 'general secretary'.
  • In addition, appointment of the members of central agencies including Political Bureau was announced; carried out restructuring of the party as the Kim Jong-un regime kicks off.
-         Kim Jong-un and Choi Yong-hae were promoted to Standing Members of Political Bureau.
  • At the Supreme People's Assembly, planned for April 13, election of central agencies such as National Defense Commission and approval of budget·accounts were expected to be executed but no official announcements have been made by North Korea as of now.