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Press Releases

Completion and publicization of the Unification Jar


o The Unification Jar, a symbol for accumulating people’s will to prepare for unification and created by Minister of Unification Yu Woo-ik and “Baeksan” Kim Jeong-ok (Important Intangible Cultural Asset), was completed and shown to the public on Saturday, June 23, 2012.    

o The making process for the Unification Jar begun on May 12, at “Baeksan” Kim Jeong-ok’s Youngnam Kiln, in Mungyung. The Jar has since undergone the process of shaping, glazing and decorating. Minister of Unification Yu Woo-ik visited Youngnam Kiln on June 21 to participate in the final process of re-firing.   

o Minister of Unification Yu Woo-ik held a public event on June 23, in which he brought the Unification Jar out of the kiln at Youngnam Kiln, Mungyung after some forty days of making.
A total of six Unification Jars were created. One of these will be on display at the Ministry of Unification, and the rest will be utilized appropriately with the symbolism of the Jars in mind.


Ministry of Unification