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R.O.K Government’s stance regarding the return of the remaining personnel at the Gaeseong Industrial Complex(GIC)
  • As the seven remaining personnel including the Chairman of Kaesong Industrial District Management Committee(KIDMAC) Hong Yang-ho return from the GIC, who stayed at the GIC to discuss detailed matters such as unpaid wages, the government’s April 26th measure on the return of the remaining personnel has been completed.
  • We would like to express our appreciation for the service and cooperation of the workers and the tenant companies of the GIC despite difficult situations that they are faced with.
  • The R.O.K. government will spare no effort to support the tenant companies at the GIC to continue their normal business activities and prepare pan-governmental measures.
  • North Korea should first ensure the protection of the tenant companies’ property at the GIC stipulated by the inter-Korean agreements and laws regarding the GIC.
-         Relatedly, we expect positive cooperation in the transport of the finished goods and the remainder of the raw/subsidiary material from the GIC.
  • Furthermore, it should guarantee the operation of the GIC that our people and the international community can trust.
  • The R.O.K. government will continue to place priority on the safety of our people before any political interest and take all responsible measures.
  • Since its construction in June 2003, the GIC has been acting as a “priming water for a dried-up well” in improving the Inter-Korean relations. The R.O.K. government will continue to put utmost effort to normalize the operation of the GIC.



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