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Press Release
Unification Spokesperson’s statement regarding Inter-Korean working-level talks
on the Gaeseong Industrial Complex(GIC)
The government of Republic of Korea(R.O.K.) proposes working-level inter-Korean talks to North Korea to discuss the transportation of the raw materials and finished products to the South from the GIC under the recognition that an urgent effort must be made between South and North Korea in order to ease the difficulties confronted by the GIC tenant companies.
From the R.O.K. side, three representatives including the Director-General of Inter-Korean Cooperation District Support Directorate will be present for the working-level talks, and we hope that the representatives from North Korea would include the Director of the Special District General Bureau.
We suggest the venue for the talks be the south side of the truce village of Panmunjeom. Regarding the schedule for the talks, North Korea can respond to us as soon as possible via a method of its convenience.
The losses and sufferings of the GIC tenant companies continue to accumulate. We urge North Korea’s positive response.


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