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Press Release
R.O.K. Government’s stance regarding the Q&A by North Korea’s
spokesman for the General Bureau for Central Guidance to the Development of the Special Zone
The Gaeseong Industrial Complex(GIC) has been temporarily suspended for about 40 days. To ease the desperate situation experienced by the GIC tenant companies, the most pressing matter is to first take out the raw materials and finished products to the South from the GIC.
Considering such situation, the R.O.K. government on May 14th, proposed working-level inter-Korean talks to North Korea to discuss the transfer of the raw materials and finished products.
The R.O.K. government deeply regrets that North Korea disparaged our sincere proposal with its unilateral claim yesterday.
The GIC tenant companies are encountering grave losses and sufferings because North Korea unjustifiably prohibited the entry of the South Korean workers to the GIC and withdrew all its North Korean workers from the GIC.
Instead of insisting on the solution of fundamental problems and making repeated arguments that are irrelevant to the GIC, North Korea should first abide by the existing agreement which guarantees the investments and properties of the GIC tenant companies.
North Korea must come out to the dialogue table to minimize the losses of the GIC tenant companies.