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Unification Spokesperson’s Commentary


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Press Release
Unification Spokesperson’s Commentary
Regarding the Gaeseong Industrial Complex(GIC), North Korea is blaming the R.O.K. for not having any interest in normalizing the GIC and misleading the public as if only the North is making efforts to normalize the GIC. North Korea, however, has not responded to our proposal on holding inter-Korean working-level talks even to date(5.21).
North Korea has unilaterally cut off all communication channels and crossings, and withdrew some 50,000 North Korea workers from the GIC. It had even suspended the operation of the GIC by prohibiting the entry of the humanitarian food supplies for our people in the GIC.
While not responding to our dialogue proposal to solve immediate problems to normalize the GIC, North Korea continues to address the normalization of the GIC with unjustifiable excuses. We cannot but to ask what North Korea’s true intention on the GIC is.
It will be a great misjudgment of North Korea if it thought that it could gain something by causing a conflict between the R.O.K. government and the GIC tenant companies by sending fax containing distorted and non-existing facts to individual companies.
To restore trust between South and North Korea regarding the GIC, we once again call upon the need to hold working-level talks regarding the taking out of the raw materials and finished products as soon as possible.