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Unification Spokesperson’s Statement


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Press Release
Unification Spokesperson’s Statement
North Korea is showing an ambivalent attitude by continuously refusing the government’s dialogue proposal to discuss problems regarding the Gaeseong Industrial Complex(GIC) while offering to hold a joint event commemorating the June 15 Joint Declaration with a civic organization.
North Korea’s such attitude not only raises questions about its sincerity, but is also a cause for serious concern as it is an obvious act of the past, which attempts to create division among South Koreans.
If North Korea truly is interested in improving inter-Korean relations, it is necessary for North Korea to come out to inter-Korean dialogue table as soon as possible and build trust instead of approaching our private companies or organizations.
To this end, North Korea must first restore the severed military communications line of the GIC and immediately respond to our proposal for inter-Korean working-level talks regarding the GIC offered on May 14th and solve the problems on taking out the raw materials and the finished products from the GIC.
Furthermore, North Korea should no longer cling to holding a joint commemorative event of the June 15 Joint Declaration with political intentions. Once again, we urge North Korea to respond to inter-Korean dialogue as soon as possible.