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Unification Spokesperson’s Commentary


Unification Spokesperson’s Commentary

February 27, 2014


n      The following is the R.O.K. government’s stance on Kim Jeong-uk’s press conference in North Korea.


n      It is regrettable that North Korea unilaterally detained our South Korean citizen without any explanation in advance. We have stated our stance several times regarding this issue.


l      On November 7th last year, North Korea unilaterally made an announcement on the arrest of our citizen without providing any specific details or information of the person or the course of his arrest.


l      North Korea consistently ignored our government’s subsequent requests to verify our citizen’s identity and to release and repatriate him until going public today. This goes directly against the principles of humanitarianism.


l      Also, it is difficult to understand why the North termed our citizen who engaged in pure religious activities as an ‘anti-state’ criminal.


n      We, the R.O.K. government, strongly urge North Korea to immediately release and repatriate our citizen to the South.


l      The contents of North Korea’s investigation mentioned at the press conference can be verified when Kim Jeong-uk is repatriated.  


l      North Korea must guarantee personal safety of and provide conveniences for our citizen Kim Jeong-uk until his repatriation.  Also, we urge the North to actively cooperate in allowing the family and the counsel to access Kim Jeong-uk.


n      We expect North Korea to come out to the path of improving inter-Korean relations by showing a responsible attitude towards our government’s legitimate request.