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Government stance on North Korea’s slanderous verbal attack toward Republic of Korea


Government stance on North Korea’s slanderous verbal attack toward Republic of Korea

March 27, 2014


      It is deeply regrettable that North Korea’s ‘Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland’ has slandered our Head of State’s regular diplomatic activities for two consecutive days(March 26th-27th) with unmentionable words. This is not only a grave breach of the inter-Korean agreement, but an act that shows no respect for its counterpart. We strongly urge North Korea not to repeat such disrespectful behavior.


      Also, North Korea is claiming as if the R.O.K. government is slandering North Korea firsthand, but we once again emphasize that such a claim is not true.


-      As we have clearly stated at the high-level inter-Korean meeting(February 14th) as well as in numerous subsequent occasions, the R.O.K. government has not slandered North Korea. Without the legal basis, we cannot restrict our private organizations and media their freedom of expression, which is guaranteed by the Constitution.


●     North Korea must clearly realize why the international community expresses serious concern in unison about its nuclear development and ballistic missiles and immediately stop its provocative actions, which put a damper on the efforts by the R.O.K. and the international community to settle peace on the Korean Peninsula and its surrounding areas.


      We urge North Korea to show its sincere attitude to improve South-North Korea relations and preserve peace on the Korean Peninsula by abiding by the international norms and implementing inter-Korean agreements.