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Press Releases

Unification Spokesperson's Statement


Press Release

Unification Spokesperson's Statement

June 1, 2014


      The following is the R.O.K. government’s stance regarding North Korea's announcement of the trial result of Kim Jeong-uk on May 30th.

      Despite our government's repeated demand to release and repatriate Kim Jeong-uk, North Korea has not responded to the legitimate requests made by the R.O.K. government and the international community.

-      Also, North Korea did not respond at all to our request for the family and the legal counsel to access Kim Jeong-uk.

      It is deeply regrettable that North Korea, under such circumstances, unilaterally conducted a pro forma trial and sentenced our citizen to a severe punishment of 'hard labor for life'.

      Our government clearly states that North Korea’s such measure is in serious violation of not only the international norms but also the universal value of humanitarianism.

      We strongly urge North Korea to immediately release and repatriate our citizen to the South.

-      Furthermore, North Korea must guarantee personal safety and provide conveniences for our citizen until his repatriation. Also, we once again urge North Korea to cooperate in allowing the family and the counsel to access Kim Jeong-uk.

      North Korea must show a responsible attitude toward legitimate requests of our government and the international community.