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Unification Spokesperson’s Statement


Unification Spokesperson’s Statement 

July 1, 2014


      Yesterday, North Korea's National Defense Commission made a 'special proposal', which lacks sincerity and makes nonsensical arguments blaming the South for raising military tensions and straining inter-Korean relations.


     The international community, not to mention our people are well aware that North Korea’s nuclear and missile developments are fundamental threats to peace on the Korean Peninsula and the future of our people.


-         It is illogical of the North to speak of fostering a peaceful atmosphere in its ‘special proposal’ while stating unwillingness to abandon its nuclear and economic development under any circumstances.


-         As a matter of fact, despite its initial proposal to halt slander in January, North Korea breached the inter-Korean agreement and continued to severely slander our head of state and make provocative threats.


     Nevertheless, our government has endeavored to make actual progress in inter-Korean relations through dialogue and cooperation based on trust, with respect for all inter-Korean agreements including the July 4th Joint Communique.


-         Moreover, even in the midst of North Korea’s continuous verbal attacks and provocations, our government made various proposals on exchange and cooperation projects for peaceful unification through the “Dresden Plan on Unification.”


      If North Korea truly wants peace on the Korean Peninsula, it should not only stop its slander and provocative threats, but also show sincerity on resolving the nuclear issue, which is a fundamental threat to peace on the Korean Peninsula.


-         We urge the North to actively respond to our proposal to build a foundation for peaceful unification, and come out to the table of inter-Korean dialogue and cooperation with a sincere attitude.