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Press Release

Press Release
October 4, 2014
1. The South-North delegates held talks over luncheon at a restaurant in Incheon from 14:00 to 15:40 on October 4th.

- South: National Security Adviser, Unification Minister, Unification Vice Minister, Assistant Minister for Unification Policy, Assistant Minister for Inter-Korean Dialogue, Head of National Security Council(NSC), Presidential Secretary for Unification Affairs, Deputy National Intelligence Service(NIS) Chief
- North: Hwang Pyong So(Director, Korea People’s Army’s General Political Bureau), Choe Ryong Hae(Secretary), Kim Yang Gon(Secretary), Kim Yong Hun(Head, Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports), Son Kwang Ho(Vice Chairman, NOC), and 2 other working staff
2. The North Korean delegates stated their willingness to sit down for the 2nd Inter-Korean High-Level Meeting which the South had proposed on a day that suits the South between the end of October and early November.
The delegates agreed to have working-level consultations on specific matters ahead of the high-level meeting.
3. The North explained that it intends to continue inter-Korean dialogue by naming the upcoming meeting the 2nd round of talks.
4. President Park Geun-hye was willing to meet the North Korean high-level delegates, but as the purpose of this visit was to attend the closing ceremony of the Asian Games, the visit to Cheong Wa Dae was not realized due to limited time.

Unification Spokesperson