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Unification Spokesperson’s Commentary



North Korea sent a written notice under the name of the Secretariat of the National Defense Commission to the Office of National Security through the West Sea Military Communications Channel early this morning (October 29, 2014).
In the written notice, North Korea stated that South Korea is turning a blind eye to the activities of leaflet scattering with an excuse that “there is no legal ground and regulations that can confine such activities.”
North Korea argued that the South is not interested in creating a friendly atmosphere, which is a prerequisite for improved inter-Korean relations and dialogue and that the South is moving towards the direction of cancelling the second high-level inter-Korean talks.
North Korea stated that the second high-level inter-Koreans talks will take place or be cancelled depending on South Korea’s decision to either stop the activities of leaflet scattering or continue ignoring the activities.

The ROK government would like to reiterate that we cannot meet the North’s demand to restrain the activities of leaflet scattering given the nature of our political system.
We have made our position clear on the leaflet scattering on many occasions, including the high-level talks held back in February.
North Korea’s demand to halt the scattering of leaflets as a prerequisite for making a friendly atmosphere for inter-Korean talks make us doubt North Korea’s sincerity on its will to improve inter-Korean relations.
We express our regret over the fact that, with North Korea’s such demand, it has become difficult to hold the second high-level talks on October 30 as we suggested earlier.
Our government maintains a consistent stance that the two Koreas should solve the pending issues through dialogue, but we cannot accept unreasonable demands.


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